4 Steps to Improve Your Homepage

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Most people will leave your website within the first 15 seconds. If you want them to stay and get to know you, you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible. This is your digital first impression and it counts!

Stand out design, headings so visitors can scan your text easily, enough white space and content optimisation, these are all important but they didn’t make my top four. Of course, there are a lot of things we can do to create stand out, engaging homepages but in this hectic world of online business, what are the most important things to get right on your website homepage?

1. Say what you do, who for and the benefits

This is the statement that should jump out at your ideal clients as soon as they land on your website. Make sure they know they’re in exactly the right place and what you offer is going to change everything for them!

This statement is known as your Unique Value Proposition and it goes something like this:

‘I/we do (this) for (these people) so they can (the amazing way their life or business will change).’

For example. I’m a brand strategist and web designer for online businesses. I create authentic brands and high converting websites so that you can stand out, sell more and do more of the work you love at the RIGHT price.

2. Include social proof

Testimonials, client logos, PR mentions and affiliations all contribute to trust and demonstrating your expertise. Having these on your homepage increases credibility and can remove doubts for potential clients.

Have you been featured in a relevant publication? Won an award? Add the badge to your homepage. Got amazing feedback from a recent project? Add the review to your homepage. Worked with amazing brands who love your work. Add their logo to your homepage.

These things need to be on your homepage to show potential clients you’re the one they NEED to work with.

3. Benefits first, then features

Be sure you’re explaining how you improve peoples lives, these are the benefits! Paint a picture of what their life or business can be like if they buy in to your offer. People invest in ideas, not hours or x number of graphics. What you’re selling is likely to be more time, less stress or higher sales.

What your product or service is, or what your package includes is relevant info but won’t make the sale so put this further down the page or on a subpage.

4. Add a CALL TO ACTION and make it stand out!

The best homepages have a call to action (CTA) above the fold so it’s visible before scrolling. This could be a sign up for your amazing new freebie, a link to your services or product pages or a link to your scheduler for discovery calls. Decide on your most important action and make that the focus of your page. Add another CTA at the bottom of the page so your visitors aren’t left stranded after you’ve convinced them how great your offer is!

A homepage may also be directional and therefore include CTAs that lead visitors to products, categories or subpages about your most important offerings so make sure your main call to action stands out against these; too many options make it hard for people to engage.

Use our handy cheat sheet – 4 Steps to a Better Homepage

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