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It’s been such a fabulous experience working on the new brand and website for Pivot Point with Sarah Kalmeta and I’m ecstatic to announce that we are live.

Sarah has boundless enthusiasm, drive and passion for helping people pivot. Whether you’re a little stuck or facing a big change, Sarah can help you to create the career and life you really want.

We got to see a little insight into who this amazing coach, facilitator and educator really is, how she helps her clients and what drives her. Nothing but inspirational!


Coach website design
celebrant website homepage

The result?

A beautiful, focused, SEO friendly coaching website that screams Sarah all over.

We’re so happy to have an ongoing relationship with Sarah to take care of her website maintenance, updates, sales pages, integrations and email marketing automations. Take a look at Sarah’s website here.

Hover on the image to scroll the homepage!

Sarah Kalmeta

Working with Mellissa is an absolute joy!

She has the ability to take your ideas and put them into a beautiful space. I was not always able to clearly articulate how I envisioned my website or branding, yet she was able to take the answers I gave her and create something that only needed minor tweaking to get to the final product.

She is clear, efficient and just a pleasure to work with. I feel like we’ve become good friends in the process of working together since launching my business and I have full trust in her capabilities, delivery and ability to guide and direct from both a creative and visual perspective but also in a way that means your website will actually get seen (aka SEO) and work technically well.

Tech noobs, creatively challenged and busy people rejoice! I highly recommend working with Mellissa and refer anyone who asks me to her.

Coaching industry websites are a passion of ours!

We’ve built hundreds of websites, let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit for your project