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Catherine Kentridge of Custom Ceremonies specialises in multilingual and multicultural ceremonies. She came to us with an outdated website that didn’t properly explain what she does or let her potential clients get to know her.

What’s more, she was struggling with an unsupported theme she couldn’t update and had already been hacked once. Each month seemed to present another thing that ‘just stopped working!’

When Catherine decided to collaborate with us and our partners Jennifer Claire Media, we were overjoyed!

We talked through the strategy for the content, the direction for the design and made sure to get a clear understanding of her ideal couples and families so we could build something that really spoke to her perfect people.

Celebrant website design
celebrant website homepage

The result?

A beautiful, focused, ideal client attracting, SEO friendly celebrant website that screams Catherine all over. We included a scheduling integration for meetings, greetings in multiple languages and step by step insight into how to work with Catherine.

Both Catherine and our team are delighted by the results.

Hover on the image to scroll the homepage!

Catherine Kentridge

I LOVE it! I have just finished going through every page and every dropdown menu. It seems to me to be fresh, beautiful, user-friendly, and informative and straightforward.


Wedding industry websites are a passion of ours!

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