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Desk to Done approached us with a painfully slow loading website and several design niggles that needed some love.

We identified issues with redirect chains and poorly optimised code and images on the site and worked to eliminate the problems.

The website was customised to create the exact look the client was striving for, fixing misaligned elements and matching fonts and colours throughout.

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Need help fixing your site?

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I worked on an hourly basis with a hit list of design and technical issues to resolve. With projects like this I set a maximum number of hours and we prioritise issues so that the most important get fixed first. 

The site speed was a major factor and we resolved this by eliminating problem plugins and securing the site through server side coding as well as asset optimisation. Instead of loading in over 10 seconds, the site now loads in under 1 second!

Buttons, contact forms, and mobile styles were tweaked to match the client expectations. Font and colours were standardised to provide a more cohesive brand image. 

Desk to Done 3
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Kind words…

Desk to Done 5

Thank you so much for your fantastic work ♥️

My site is super-speedy now and all without the hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing and laptop going through the window-ing that would have happened if I’d tried to tackle it myself! ? Leave it to the experts!