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Savvy in Hong Kong is a popular blog that was in need of a refresh.

The masterminds behind this blog wanted a new brand and a site that helped their visitors navigate to the freshest and most relevant content. They also wanted strong calls to action in order to grow their email list.

We love working with blogs, and conquering the unique challenges that come up when a lot of content exists already! We were thrilled to work with such a passionate team and couldn’t be happier with the results!


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The result?

We built a stronger site that appealed to the lifestyle of the target audience, is intuitive to navigate and search and highlights the most important content.

Savvy’s email list is growing thanks to the standout calls to action and their traffic has grown by 25% in the 6 months since launch.

The team were so happy they wrote a whole blog about their experience! Head on over to read all about it.

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savvy in HK

You are truly amazing. I have never worked with anyone as good as you!!

Is Mean Creative legit?

Take a quick look around – what do you reckon? 

The new-look that SavvyinHK has got is a big part of the work that Mean Creative have done. They’ve made the site look and feel how I wanted, and it’s loads better for you as users. 

In the background, details have all been polished up they’ve got the technical stuff on point. 

From my perspective, yes, Mean Creative is legit, and I couldn’t recommend working with them enough!

Building blogs is a passion of ours!

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