Brand & Website Project

Smart Alpaca

Brand Design

The brand design project will include several stages and require your feedback along the way. Below is a summary of the process we’ll go through to design your visual brand.


We already met to discuss the brand direction and created an ideas board on Pinterest.

If you would like to discuss any new ideas prior to design starting please reach out to me.

Initial Concepts

You’ll receive 3 to 4 initial logo concepts to review, these may be rough designs that require refinement and they give you options for the direction you want to go in.

You will need to choose one design that we will refine.

Your Visual Brand

We make adjustments to your logo concept to get every detail perfect.

Your final logo is provided in a variety of formats for print and digital use.

You receive a ‘quick brand guide’ with logo versions, fonts and colours.


Website Design

Throughout the design process you will receive draft pages and have the opportunity to feedback. Below is a summary of the design stages we’ll complete in order to launch your website. 


We meet for a strategy session to clarify your goals, your message and discuss design inspiration.

Your draft copy is reviewed and we make recommendations for clarifying your message.

A mood board is created to confirm the visual direction.

Design & Development

We set up your hosting and development space to build out the new site.

We customise the theme and begin building the website starting with the homepage. 

Once the homepage is approved we will build out the rest of the website. 

Final Touches & Launch

Following the final feedback, we make any last revisions to get every detail perfect.

The site is prepared for launch and tested on various browsers and devices.

We update your domain settings to make the site live!



Timeline for Your project

Here is the proposed timeline for the project, we may need more time to revise and allow you to feedback again, or things may progress with only straightforward revisions. Please expect to be flexible.

Let me know if you need this schedule adjusted at all:

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When we’ll need your feedback

The dates below indicate the latest we should receive your feedback at each stage. Giving us feedback quicker will help progress the project.

Visual Brand Development 1-9th July

Initial Concepts: Received 2nd July, feedback needed by 9am 6th July

Revised Concept: Received 7th July, feedback needed by 9am 9th July

Final Logo: Received 9th July



Website Design & Development 12-30 July

Strategy Session – Before June 30th

Moodboard: Received 7th July, feedback needed by 9am 12th July

Homepage: Received 13th July, feedback needed by 9am 16th July

Full website: Received 23rd July, feedback needed by 9am 28th July

Launch: 30th July



Your Investment

Branding Project – 900€

Website Design & Development – 3600€

TOTAL = 4500€


Your Questions Answered 

How do you approach refining the content, why will it be better?

Our approach is focused on the website visitor and designed to encourage them to take action.

We identify exactly what they want, how your offer will benefit them and ensure your copy makes it easy for them to understand your product and buy from you. 

Often we are too familiar with our business, services and packages to create clear copy, you make the draft and we’ll make sure it’s actually saying what you need it to!

We make sure your content will:

  • Establish trust and connection
  • Explain your purpose
  • Identify customer problems and offer solutions
  • Provide social proof (testimonials and reviews)
  • Include a specific call to action
How long will the project take?

We can expect a 4-week timeline for the project:

See timeline above

Will the website be tested in all browsers?

We test the website for various screen sizes, modern browsers and a selection of mobile devices. If you have specific browsers or devices that should be tested please let us know before the project commences.

Are there extra costs to consider?

You will need to buy a domain name and hosting for the website. Premium fonts, illustrations, images or plugins are not included in this quote. We are able to add Adobe fonts to your site at no extra cost.

What are the payment terms?

A deposit of 50% is required before the project can be scheduled. 50% is due at launch.

Payments can be made via bank transfer.

IVA will be added to all invoices.

How many trees will you plant?

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and giving back.

Part of the revenue for this project will go towards international tree-planting initiatives and helps support us to offset our own carbon footprint.

This project will enable us to plant at least 113 trees.

If you would like to know more about how we make our business more environmentally friendly and the projects we support just ask us!

What’s Next?

1. Want to chat more about your brand? Book a new strategy session on or before 30th June

2. Book your website strategy session on or before 30th June

3. Provide your website copy and any images or videos you want to be considered for use via Dropbox before 30th June

4. Confirm you have read and agree with the details on this page, or leave us comments if you need changes, use the form below