Brand & website strategy and planning help – A peek inside our client portal

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Branding, Websites

Brand / website strategy and planning help is one thing we take very seriously around here. Over the years we’ve had a lot of different processes to help our clients get ready for their design projects. From Google docs to online forms and fillable PDFs, we’ve been searching for the perfect way to guide you through the preparation process.

Recently we started looking for an all in one online platform that could function a bit like a course, something where the information could be bite-sized, the process intuitive and the experience flawless. We didn’t find it. So we decided to build our own!

Our brief – Create a client experience portal where

  • you can be educated about strategies that work
  • you can work through a process to clarify your values, ideal clients, style and message
  • we can give you access to the tools and resources you need in a personalised and easy to use dashboard
  • we can review what you’ve learnt to build better websites and brands
  • we can share files, feedback and information to streamline the actual design phase


I have never been so excited about a client process!


Here’s a sneak peek at the dashboard. In here we have links to information about support and the process, brand strategy and design, website strategy and content planning, and custom links to each client’s Dropbox, Slack channel and live review/feedback on designs. We also let you know how many trees your project helps us plant in our forests.

brand / website strategy and planning help - client portal screenshot

We have tried to keep the dashboard clean and uncluttered with clear paths to access the content you need. Everyone gets access to everything, we’ve found that our WordPress website design clients often need extra help with brand clarity and usually, our brand design clients go on to build a website with us as well. It’s all in there, you can focus on just the section you need or review and work through everything if it’s helpful for you.

What information is in the portal?

Housekeeping and support

  • Communication & Support
  • File Sharing
  • Book your Strategy Call
  • Rescheduling Our Design Experience
  • Links to shared resources

Brand Clarity

  • Why Brand Strategy
  • All About YOU
  • Your Niche
  • Competition
  • Ideal Clients
  • Tone Words
  • Messaging
  • Vision & Mission

Visual Brand Prep


brand strategy client portal screenshot

Website Strategy & Planning

  • Storybrand
  • Website Goals
  • Navigation & Structure
  • Your Website Style
  • Ideal Clients
  • Images & Brand Assets
  • Hosting & Domain Name
  • Business Details

Website Content Guide

  • SEO Basics
  • Map out the Homepage
  • Content Guide & Submitting Content

website design strategy client portal screenshot

We’re really excited for our first clients to experience this level of support and guidance with their brand and website strategy and planning. I’ll be sure to update this post with their feedback. In the meantime, if you’re planning to revamp your brand or website and you would like free access to test the platform, just reach out to us at

Happy Planning Everyone!


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