Defining how you want your brand to come across is no easy task. Whether you need to define your brand style or create a website that really speaks to your ideal clients, using tone words as part of your research strategy can be a perfect starting point.

Most of us think in words and that’s why I love to use just a few to really get to grips with the style or tone of a brand.

So what are brand tone words?

Tone words are words that sum up the way your brand feels or how your ideal clients should feel when they encounter your brand. They can help you to step into your brand boldly, show up and create anything visual for your business with much more focus. Everything about your brand from your copy to the images you use is going to set the tone and should align with these words.

Look at the following examples and see how the tone changes if we just switch out one or two words

1. fresh, feminine, inspirational, playful, sophisticated

2. fresh, masculine, inspirational, playful, sophisticated

3. bold, feminine, inspirational, playful, vibrant

We’ll start by choosing some words that define the tone of your brand, your attitude and your style. These words are going to perfectly illustrate the feelings your ideal client will have when they encounter your brand for the first time.

Think about what you love, what your purpose is in your business and who your ideal clients are.

Branding Tone Words Collection

Are you ready to pick 5 or 6 words that sum up the tone of your brand? Use my list or pick your own!

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