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Dando Vida a la Muerte is a truly inspirational non-profit organisation based in Spain. Glynis, a long term friend and client of Mean Creative is one of the masterminds behind this annual ‘festival of death’ whos mission is to encourage conversation about death and the end-of-life process in a natural and comfortable way among the general public.

The Dando Vida a la Muerte website was outdated, hard to maintain and lacking features to engage their audience. What’s more, the team didn’t know how to use the features the website had and were struggling to get the festival information visible or take advantage of online fundraising and promotion opportunities.


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We set about installing a well supported and easy to use WordPress theme while updating and customising the events functionality on the website.

All the pages were redesigned off-site and imported once approved so that the site had no downtime and we could proceed in the most efficient way.

The team received tutorial videos to show them how to keep the site up to date, make changes to the content and add events to the festival calendar.

2022 saw the entire festival moved online with the addition of membership access to restricted events, donations, and email marketing integrations/automation. We built out sales pages, time and membership level restricted event content and managed embedding live and prerecorded events. We also built global sections with dynamic content that changes depending on whether website visitors are not signed up, have a free account, or have donated.

The result?

A functional, on-brand redesign that allows the non-profit team to make their own updates, reach more people and raise funding for future projects.

We’re so happy to have an ongoing relationship with Glynis and Dando Vida a la Muerte for additional pages, integrations and festival updates. Take a look at the website here.

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glynis german

Just a few of the comments we received throughout the design

Oh my GOSH you are WONDERFUL!!

GREAT work so far, we LOVE it!! So much fun to see the changes so far, thank you! I especially love the fact that the programme shows TODAY’s date!!

Looks bloody brilliant!

It looks FAB!

PS Loving the page and where team are and how they are shown.

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