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Manta Ray Advocates devote their lives to serving and educating the public about the ocean, marine life, and manta rays.

Martina is a great believer in the powerful impact of swimming with Manta Rays and devotes much of her time to running environmentally conscious tours to share this passion.

The main goal of the project was to share this experience and provide a place to educate the world about Manta Rays, their environment, and our responsibility to protect the oceans.


Marine advocates homepage screenshot
Marine advocates homepage screenshot

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The project involved complex content interactions allowing the team at MRA to share their knowledge and passion for the oceans.

We built a library of Manta Rays that links with stories about specific individuals. The library contains information about each manta, images, and sometimes videos.

The result?

A fun, clear and impactful website that guides visitors on a journey to easily find the information they need.

We created a streamlined and clear design to showcase the brand message with clear calls to action.

The website features custom post types and custom fields to give us extreme flexibility on the design and layout of each post or page.

We loved working on this project so much and can’t wait to help more purpose driven businesses find their voice online.

Martina Wing in diving gear

The website is and continues to be awesome!

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