Websites for charity freelancers and micro-agencies

Isn’t it time to let people know what you do, why, and how it can help them do more good?

Is your website the thing holding your freelance business back?

So many micro agencies and freelancers in the third sector struggle with DIY websites that are not fit for purpose. If you are just starting out or frustrated with your DIY efforts then we’d love to help.

Our intensive website design packages guide you through content creation, UX strategy, design, and development. Then we give you the tools you need to manage the site yourself and we’re here for you if you need extra support afterwards.

one day website

WordPress websites

How would you like a professionally designed, bespoke WordPress website, created and launched in as little as one week?

Not just any website, one that’s

✓ Laser-focused on your goals
✓ Designed to inspire visitors to take action to work with you
✓ Built to grow with your business

How does it work?

You get access to an experienced creative and strategic team for one week (or more if you need it). With immediate feedback, instant revisions and time to focus on just your project we never lose sight of your goals.

We help you get ready for your project with comprehensive, guided prep work and a kick-off strategy call to make sure we completely understand your website goals and your story.

Our experts can write your content or choose our content planning process that helps you craft your message without getting stuck and ensures we are ready to focus on creating a website that gets results.

Our intensive website process

Prep and content

Strategy Call

We’ll get together to talk about your brand strategy, ideal clients and your website goals. We discuss the content and make sure your messaging is on point.

Get Content Planning

Let us craft your content or clarify your message with our wireframe content guides for each page. It’s an interactive system to get you focused on your message and includes prompts to get you unstuck.

Set up

We get to work on setting up your website with your branding, colours, fonts, navigation and structure.

The build


We create your homepage and connect any marketing integrations you need. We catch up on a video call so you can review the style, feel and clarity of your homepage.


Once you’re in love with your new homepage we’ll begin work on your subpages, bringing your content to life with conversion-focused design that inspires action.


We finalise and test everything, speed things up with a little magic and connect important tools like analytics.

When you’re happy we’ll hit the launch button and get your new site out into the world.


Final Tweaks

Once you’ve slept on it, you may have some final changes that you would like implemented. You get a bonus hour of development so that we can make small tweaks to your design after launch.


You’ll get our custom training videos that explain how to keep your website up to date and functioning properly, update the content on your site, add new sections to pages, add and edit blog posts.

Support & Maintenance

30 days of email support if you find yourself stuck or confused.

If you’d like an expert to look after the site once we launch then we can help with that too.

Websites for charity freelancers pricing

Hi, I'm Mellissa


A personal approach - and a team to back it up

I'm passionate about making the world a better place, and I do this by creating high-converting websites for charities and purpose-driven businesses.

With over ten years of experience in marketing, SEO, and web design, I learned that there is nothing more disappointing than a beautiful website that doesn't get results. That is why I teamed up with other talented freelancers who each have their own technical expertise, creative flair, and/or hands-on marketing experience.

Together, we create websites that have it all - and can do it all.

mellissa wheeler

Charity Freelancer Website Design FAQ


How much can we achieve during an itnensive project?

During a week, we can create a website with up to 6 main pages (plus the standard layouts you’ll need for your blog, legal pages etc). Of course, every website is different and depending on the complexity of each page we may be able to achieve more or less.

Preparation is key to having a super productive project, we guide you through the process to get ready for your intensive so that we have all the information and resources ahead of time.

Each website intensive is completely bespoke with the site style and layout crafted to resonate with your audiences. No demo content here, no imported layouts, everything is created just for you during our project.

What’s included?

A 1-2 hour strategy call

Custom content wireframes with prompts or content creation

Design and development in WordPress

30 days of post-launch email support with personalised video tutorials

Each site is unique but yours could include integrations with top email marketing software, an embedded scheduling app, integration with donation platforms, Instagram feed, sign up for your freebie, Facebook pixel, a blog and more.

Every site is registered with a lifetime Divi theme licence, has a cookie notice, privacy policy page, SEO plugin, caching plugin (to speed up your website), analytics and a basic security plugin.

What’s not included?

1 year of standard shared hosting is included.

Your domain name is not included.

Visual branding and logos are not included.

Content writing and SEO research may be included depending on the package you’ve chosen (if you’ve crafted your SEO titles and descriptions with your content we’ll add these for you).

Advanced functions like multilingual support, e-commerce, directories or memberships need more development time. We can add development days to your project if needed.

I need my website done yesterday, how do I jump the queue?

We keep a few days a month free for clients who need to get online FAST. If you have a deadline and know you can get all your resources, images and brand assets to us in good time then we may be able to accelerate the process.

How much work is it for me?

You’ll need to have availability to complete the prep work, meet with us, and give us timely feedback. Depending on the size of your project you may need between 3 and 10 hours.

Do I need a logo?

Yes, you’ll need all your brand assets including your logo before we begin.

What about SEO?

Your website will have an SEO plugin installed. This means you can do some important things to optimise your site for search engines.

If you need SEO research, strategy and optimisation we can add an extra day to your project.

What about maintaining the website after launch?

As part of our training videos, you’ll receive one to show you how to keep WordPress, plugins and your theme up to date. If you’d like support to look after these things after launch just let us know and we’ll give you the details.

Will I be able to update the content myself?

Yes, you can update the content and images, add new sections, new pages, add blog posts etc, our handy explainer videos will help you get to grips with this.

What’s the prep work?

Our content planning process will walk you through everything you need to think about to connect with your audiences.

We’ll ask you to give us feedback on example websites and be available to meet with us on a video call or two.

Throughout the process, we’ll also need access to your hosting and some other tools we might be connecting to your website. Don’t worry, we work all this out before your scheduled project so we can hit the ground running. 

How will our collaboration help the planet?

For each design day, we plant at least 5 trees through Ecologi.

We are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and giving back.

If you would like to know more about how we make our business more environmentally friendly and the projects we support just ask us!

What are you waiting for?

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